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I havn't written in here for a long time.
Not very long.. just.. quite.
I am damn bored.

Mebbe could get some form of communications done around here.
Need minds to speak to =:)

So.. uh...
ah, Hey Kate. Hope you see this entry, some people appear once and they don't check again for a loong time.
I'm online most of my time too so i guess i'll be seeing you around.
i've never really understood what anorexia is.
I ask, and the answers i got are like, "Anorexia is a desease, people think they're fat so they don't eat." always thought it was so stupid. How can people so skinny thinks they're fat?
So i guess there must be some other explanation to this.

And Kate, the picture you got there looks like an old friend of mine.
She's dead by the way. So..........dunno.

Anyway, hope you'd run into this one day.

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